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Boho Surfer Armband - Purple Ethno
Boho Surfer Armband - Purple Ethno

    Boho Surfer Armband - Purple Ethno

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      Our Made by Nami boho-style surfer bracelets are 100% waterproof. They are handmade from sustainable cotton. We pay attention to a high quality production which makes our bracelets robust and durable. Wear them when you are out for surfing or snowboarding or when you are taking a shower.

      • 100 % waterproof
      • very comfortable due to 100 % sustainable cotton
      • unisex m/w/d
      • adjustable in size due to slip knot technique

      Made by Nami produces ecologically and socially sustainable handcrafted surfer jewelry in boho and ethno style. Originated in Bali, Indonesia, it is important to us to maintain and strengthen our roots. Therefore, we are proud of constantly creating new jobs, of offering artisans of the island the opportunity to make their jewelery visible worldwide and of supporting social projects with 10% of our income. It is also important to us to protect the environment. That's why or packages are sent in eco-friendly, compostable packaging.